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Overview - The following songs are for the Ruhi Book 3 Grades 1, 2 and 3 books.  Each lesson is structured around the development of a spiritual quality and includes a memorization quotation.  The songs below are these quotations and the prayers set to music to make learning them easy and fun.  All the songs are written by Larry Magee, unless otherwise noted, and are free to download, reproduce and use.  Click on the song title link to listen / download  see how-to

Contributing Artists - Diana Bangratz, Lourdes Ballard, Gustaff Besungu, Angela Bryan, Goleta Burriston, Cheryl Watson Cooney, Awu Donson, Tracy Dreyer, Ameli Dziemba, Rafa Fleita, Earl Gaston, Alessandro Giua, Laura Harley, Walter Heath, Julie Iraninejad & Shabnam Cyrus, Hlodver Jokulsson,Shona Kenrick, Anke Keitel, Katharine Key, Kiskadee, Genevieve Labbe, Lindsay LaMarche,  Harrison Lenz, Matthew Levine, Zack Livesay, Anna Luxion, Elika Mahoney, Mark McDowell, Claire McGrail, Yosi Mesbah, Carlos Medina, Melenya, John Neal, Doug OMalley, Helen Keniston Oney, Nasim Maani, Alan & Lorraine Manifold, Murali S. Nair, Sergie Nevidimov, Greg Parker and the Children's Spiritual Workshop, Cynthia Phillips, Tricia Raezer, Anastasia Rene, Nadine Reyhani, Darrell Rodgers, Carlos Rosa, Russ Salton, Shameem Taheri-Lee, SKY, Mimosa Smolander, Soulrise Melodies, Susan St. John, Rana Tabrizi, Azeen Tashakkor, Tahirih Amador Vazquez, David Edward Walker, Mehal Watson, Nancy Watters, Bryan Weber, Ramine Yazhari, Igor Zotov.  -- Type crtl-f and type in the singer's name to find their song(s)

Here's a site with more music for Baha'i Children's Classes  http://www.mtcarmelproductions.com

Featured Songs -Good for children and adults.  

I am a Child of Tender Years.  Sung by Susan St. John from Seattle, WA. (Grade 1, Lesson 18 Prayer Song)
Make Thy Beauty to Be My Food  Sung by Walter Heath (Grade 2, Lesson 7 Prayer Song)
Be Thou Ever HopefulSung by Rana Tabrizi (Grade 1, Lesson 18)
Make Us as Waves of the SeaSung by Kiskadee (Grade 2, Lesson 10 Prayer Song)
God Is the Helper.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.  (from the Ruhi Book 5 page on this site)
Steadfast in the Cause of Thy Lord.  Sung by Doug
OMalley  (Grade 1, Lesson 24) 
The Rose of Love.  Sung by Shameem Taheri-Lee.  (Grade 1, Lesson 3)
The Light of unitySung by Anastasia Rene.  (Grade 2, Lesson 10)
My Love is My StrongholdSung by Yosi Mesbah  (Grade 2, Lesson 4)
Thy Name is My Healing. Sung by Laura Harley.  (Grade 1, Lesson 13)
Happy is the Faithful OneMusic, song arrangement and vocals by Amy Stephen.  (Grade 1, Lesson 22)
Enable Me To Grow.  Sung by Angela Bryan of Tasmania.  (Grade 1, Lesson 1 Prayer Song)
Rejoice in the Gladness.  Sung by Bryan Weber.  (Grade 1, Lesson 7)
Say: God Sufficeth.  Written and sung by Claire McGrail.  (Grade 3, Lesson 9 Prayer Song)
I am a Little Child.  Sung by Angela Bryan.  (Grade 1, Lesson 4 Prayer Song)
Thou Art the One  (Grade 3, Lesson 18)

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  1. Songs for Ruhi Book 3 Teaching Children's Classes Grade 1 pre-publication version 3.1.1PP & the original, orange boo  For Spanish, click on the highlighted Spanish Version link next to each song Songs for Ruhi Book 3 Teaching Children's Classes Grade 2 pre-publication version 2.1.1PP 2012
  2. I haven't been able to find the Spanish quotations for Grades 2 & 3.  Please contact me if you know where I can find them.
  3. Notes, etc. from Teachers, etc.

1. Grade 1 Songs  (pre-publication version 3.1.1PP & the original, orange book) Download all Grade 1 Songs   

     -Here is a link to the 24 pre-publication lessons where you can download them and print them out
     -View the Spanish source quotations at Ruhi.org / Reference Material / Coloring Sheets.
     -Download a Chords and Lyrics Book for all of the Grade 1 songs below.
     -Piano / Guitar sheet music for the grade 1 songs (lyrics included)
     -Download a
 CD Insert that can be cut out and placed in a clear CD case showing a list of all the songs and their track                 numbers.

BonusSong - O God Educate These Children.  Sung by Claire McGrail.

Lesson 1 Quotation Song -
 Radiant HeartSung by Earl Gaston.  Children's Class video feat. Earl & Shelly Gaston. Activity: have the children clap along with the clapping heard in the song.  (Lesson 2 in the older, orange book)  Spanish Version  Sung by Carlos Rosa of Colombia

Lesson 1 Prayer Song - O God, Guide MeComposed and performed by Julie Iraninejad & Shabnam Cyrus.  AND O God GuideMe written by Greg Parker of Australia.  Performed by The Children's Spiritual Workshop. VIDEO

Lesson 2 Quotation Song - The Path of Justice.  Sung by 
Meleyna.  Activity: have the children march during the "1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4" parts of the song.  (Lesson 3 in the older, orange book)  Spanish Version
Lesson 3 Quotation Song - The Rose of Love.  Sung by Shameem Taheri-Lee from Australia.  Activity: give each child an artificial flower and have him come forward and 'plant' it in a piece of styrofoam,
pot of sand, etc., while they are singing.  (Lesson 4 in the older,orange book)  Spanish Version

Lesson 4 Quotation Song - Truthfulness is the Foundation.  Sung by Zack Livesay of Norway.  Activity: have the children clap along with the clapping heard in the song.  (Lesson 6 in the older, orange book)  Spanish Version
Lesson 4 Prayer Song - I am a Little Child.  Sung by Angela Bryan of Tasmania.  And here's 
Meleyna's wonderful version of the same prayer - O Thou Kind Lord

Lesson 5 Quotation Song - To
Give and to Be GenerousSung by Cynthia PhillipsActivity: provide a wrapped gift box for the children to pass to each other while singing.  (Lesson 11 in the older, orange book)  Spanish Version sung by Alessandro Giua from Chicago, IL.

Lesson 6 Quotation Song - Blessed is HeSung by Mark McDowellActivity: have the children clap along with the clapping heard in the song.  (Lesson 9 in the older, orange book)  Spanish Version

Lesson 7 Quotation Song - Rejoice in the GladnessSung by Bryan WeberActivity: have the children skip in a circle while singing the repeated "Rejoice in the gladness" phrase at the end of the song (immediately after the 'oo-la-la-la" part).  Spanish Version 
sung by Carlos Medina and Maryam & Layli Masrour of Chile.

Lesson 8 Quotation Song - Our Truthfulness.  Sung by 
Awu Donson of Cameroon. Activity: have the children stand up and sit down as directed in the song.  Spanish Version

Lesson 9 Quotation Song - Humble ThyselfSung by Cheryl Watson Cooney Activity: have the children make a human train and walk around the room during the
2 minute guitar solo, after the vocal ends.  If that's too long, fade out the music to end it sooner.  (Lesson 8 in the older, orange book) Spanish Version

Lesson 10 Quotation Song - Arise to Offer Thanks Sung by Angela Bryan of Tasmania.  Activity: have the children offer thank you cards to each other while singing.  Spanish Version

Lesson10 Prayer Song - Blessed is the Spot.  Composed by L. Haberman.  Sung by Talia Johnson ($1 to download).

Lesson 11 Quotation Song - Let Your Adorning Be ForgivenessSung by Tricia Raezer.  Spanish Version

Lesson 12 Quotation Song - Beautify Your Tongues.  Sung by Genevieve Labbe and children from the Nancy Campbell Collegial Institute, Canada. Activity: have the children clap their hands, nod their heads, etc., as directed in the song.  (Lesson 10 in the older,orange book)  Spanish Version Sung by Tahirih Amador Vazquez of Mexico.

Lesson 13 Quotation Song - The Kingdom of God is Founded.  Duet with Diana Bangratz from Germany. Spanish Version
Lesson 13 Prayer Song Thy Name is My HealingSung by Laura HarleyAnd - Anonymous YouTube song

Lesson 14 Quotation Song - Detachment from All Save HimSung by John Neal of England.  Spanish Version

Lesson 15 Quotation Song - The Source of All GlorySung by Goleta Burriston of Taipei, Taiwan.  Activity: have the children clap along with the clapping heard in the song.  Spanish Version

Lesson 16 Quotation Song - Blessed is He Who Mingleth with All Men.  Sung by Claire McGrail of New Zealand.  Activity: have the children greet each other, shake hands, etc., while singing the song.  (Lesson 12 in the older, orange book)  Spanish Version

Lesson 17 Quotation Song - The Source of Courage.  Duet: Larry & Angela Bryan. Activity: during the chorus where "courage and power" are repeated, have the children flex their muscles like bodybuilders (hands raised on "courage" and lowered on "power"). Spanish Version  Sung by Rafa Fleita from Spain.

Lesson 18 Quotation Song - Be Thou Ever HopefulSung by Rana TabriziActivity: during the two guitar solos, blow soap bubbles or toss confetti over the children to simulate the bounties that are continually flowing upon them.  Spanish Version 
sung by Tracy Dreyer of El Salvador.
Lesson 18 Prayer Song - I am a Child of Tender Years.  Sung by Susan St. John.  AND... Rap Video - Brilliant Light, by Nabil M., ft. Kristine H.

Lesson 19 Quotation Song - Trustworthiness is the Greatest Portal. Sung by Gustaff Besungu from Cameroon/USA.  Activity: have the children play pretend tambourines along with the one heard in the music.  Spanish Version

Lesson 20 Quotation Song - The Fire of His Love.  Sung by Shameem Taheri-Lee from Australia.  Activity: have the children create hand signals to go along with the quotation.  For example "Verily" could be the first two fingers making a "V", "supplicate" could be the hands folded in prayer, etc.  Spanish Version

Lesson 21 Quotation Song - Thou art My LampSung by Walter HeathActivity: shine a light onto each child as they are singing. Spanish Version.  Sung by Lourdes Ballard.  

Lesson 22 Quotation Song - Happy is the Faithful OneMusic, song arrangement and vocals by Amy Stephen.  Activity: have the children march and make a smile formation (like a marching band would do).  Spanish Version

Lesson 23 Quotation Song - Endure with Patience. Sung by SKY.  Spanish Version

Lesson 24 Quotation Song - Steadfast in the Cause of Thy LordSung by  Doug
OMalley of Boston.  Activity:  have the children dance freestyle to the music.  (Lesson 7 in the older, orange book)  Spanish Version  Sung by Rafa Fleita from Spain.

Lesson 1 in the older, orange book - The Light of unity.  Scroll down to Grade 2, Lesson 10 for the Grade 2 version with "illuminate".

Lesson 5 in the older, orange book - Service.  Activity: have the children clap along with the clapping heard in the song.  

Lesson 13 in the older, orange book - The Sign of Love.  Activity: have the children make a heart out of cardboard with 'fortitude' written on one side and 'patience' on the other.  Have them turn the sign as each word is sung.

Lesson 14 in the older, orange book -  My Love is My Stronghold.  

Lesson 15 in the older, orange book Put Your Trust in God.  Activity: have the children clap along with the clapping heard in the song.

2.  Grade 2 Songs  (pre-publication version 2.1.1PP 2012)
 Download all Grade 2 songs                               

      -Download a Chords and Lyrics Book for all of the Grade 2 songs below.
      -Download the Grade 2
 List of Quotes and Prayers  to be memorized

Lesson 1 Quotation Song - Intone O My Servant duet with Shona Kenrick from Australia.  Activity: encourage the children to hold the long "All" and the end of each verse.
Lesson 1 Prayer Song - Enable Me To GrowSung by Angela Bryan of Tasmania.

Lesson 2 Quotation Song - The Greatest Longing of Every Soul Sung by Ameli Dziemba from Germany.  Activity: invite the children to learn and sing the scat singing part in the middle of the song.

Lesson 3 Quotation Song - Commune with my Spirit.  Vocal, slide guitar, rhythm guitar & mixing by David Edward Walker.

Lesson 4 Quotation Song - My Love is My StrongholdSung by Yosi Mesbah.
Lesson 4 Prayer Song - Unity PrayerSung by Igor Zotov from Kursk, Russia.

Lesson 5 Quotation Song - Observe My Commandments.  Sung by Azeen Tashakkor of New Zealand.  Activity: have the children twist to the right and to the left, like exercising, during the fast choruses.

Lesson 6 Quotation Song Neglect Not My CommandmentsActivity: have the children hold their hands up high a move them from side to side during the "ah - ah - ah" part.

Lesson 7 Quotation Song - The Purpose of GodSung by 
Sergie Nevidimov of St. Petersburg, Russia.  Activity: encourage the children to really get into singing the held words ("and", "to attain", etc.) and to take large breaths in between these words.
Lesson 7 Prayer Song - Make Thy Beauty to Be My Food  Sung by Walter Heath

Lesson 8 Quotation Song - Exert Every EffortSung by Helen Keniston OneyActivity: have the children make drums out of coffee cans and play along with the drum heard in the song.

Lesson 9 Quotation Song - Search After the Truth.  Sung by Genevieve Labbe 

Lesson 10 Quotation Song - The Light of unity(Grade 2 version with "illuminate").  Sung by Anastasia Rene.  AND The Light of Unity2 written and sung by Nancy Watters

Lesson 10 Prayer Song - Make Us as Waves of the SeaSung by   Kiskadee.

Lesson 11 Quotation Song - For the Comfort of All.  Sung by Nadine Reyhani. Activity: provide the children with drums, shakers, etc., to accompany the song, particularly in the last minute when the various instruments are soloing.

Lesson 12 Quotation Song - Ushirikiano, Cooperation.  Sung by Gustaff Besungu from Cameroon/USA.  Activity: teach the children that "
ushirikiano" is the Swahili word for cooperation.  Have them clap along with the clapping heard in the song.  

Lesson 13 Quotation Song - 
Your True, Your Incomparable Friend.  Sung by Mimosa Smolander of Finland.  Activity: have the children shake hands with each other whenever the phrase "your incomparable friend" is sung.
Lesson 13 Prayer Song - Unto
Thee I Repair for Refuge.  Sung by Ameli Dziemba from Germany.

Lesson 14 Quotation Song - O Ye Beloved of the Lord.  Sung by Goleta Burriston of Taipei, Taiwan. 

Lesson 15 Quotation Song - Durable BondsSung by Anke Keitel of Germany.  

Lesson 16 Quotation Song - ServiceFeaturing Darrell Rodgers (vocal and slide guitar). Activity: have the children clap along with the clapping heard in the song.  
Lesson 16 Prayer Song - 
These Lovely Children.  Composed and performed by Soulrise Melodies.

Lesson 17 Quotation Song - Waste Not Your TimeComposed and sung by Elika Mahony.

Lesson 18 Quotation Song - Engage in Some OccupationSung by Katharine KeyActivity: have the children hold toy tools and march while singing (a la the Seven Dwarfs "Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho" song).

Lesson 19 Quotation Song - Consultation is the LampSung by Anna Luxion.
Lesson 19 Prayer Song - The Twigs of the Tree of Life.  Composed and performed by Julie Iraninejad & Shabnam.  

Lesson 20 Quotation Song - Consultation.  Sung by Mimosa Smolander of Finland.

Lesson 21 Quotation Song -
 Express Their ViewsActivity: call and response song.  Sung by Matthew Levine.

3.  Grade 3 Songs  (pre-publication version)  Download all Grade 3 Songs   

Lesson 1 Quotation Song - The Most Exalted StationSung by Lorraine and Alan Manifold from Australia.
Lesson 1 Prayer Song - Independent of All.  Sung by Nadine Reyhani.

Lesson 2 Quotation Song - Without Peer or Equal Sung by Vahid Qualls of New Zealand.

Lesson 3 Quotation SongThe Purpose of These Educators.  Sung by Mehal Watson of England.

Lesson 4 Quotation Song - We Summon You to God.  Traditional Cherokee melody adapted by Helder Rock and Larry Magee.  Sung by Goleta Burriston of Taipei, Taiwan.  Activity: get out the drums and shakers!

Lesson 5 Quotation Song - The Purpose. Sung by Russ Salton.

Lesson 6 Quotation Song - A Good Character.  Sung by Lindsay LaMarche.

Lesson 8 Quotation Song - The Source of All Good.  Written by Greg Parker of Australia.  Performed by The Children's Spiritual Workshop. VIDEO

Lesson 9 Quotation Song - A Mirror of God.  By Larry Magee.
Lesson 9 Prayer Song -
 Say: God Sufficeth.  Written and sung by Claire McGrail of New Zealand. 

Lesson 10 Quotation Song -
 A Ring Upon the Hand.  Sung by Nasim
Maani of China.  Activity:  A ring making art project.

Lesson 11 Quotation Song -
 Arise and Serve Him.  Sung by Harrison Lenz.
Lesson 11 Prayer Song - Remover of DifficultiesWritten and sung by Claire McGrail of New Zealand.

Lesson 12 Quotation Song - 
Days of Divine Justice.  
Compositon, music and vocal by Murali S. Nair of India.  Video by Murali.

Lesson 12 Prayer Song - Remover of Every Anguish.  Sung by Lindsay LaMarche.

Lesson 18a Quotation Song - Thou Art the One

Lesson 18b Quotation Song - Teach Ye the Cause.  Sung by Goleta Burriston of Taiwan.

Lesson 19 Quotation Song - Remember My Days.  Sung by Goleta Burriston

Lesson 21b Quotation Song - A Gnat into an Eagle.  Written by Hlodver Jokulsson of Iceland.  Music and vocal by Larry.

Lesson 22 Quotation Song - The Power of His Might.  Written, sung and produced by 
Ramine Yazhari.  Check out the Long Version, too!

Lesson 23b Quotation Song -This Is a BookWritten and sung by by Goleta Burriston

Lesson 24 Quotation Song - Turn Your Faces.  Sung by Goleta Burriston

More songs are coming soon...  Check back.

3.  Notes from Teachers, etc.

"Dear Larry. Thank you for making such a good album, I did not know about this site until about 4 months ago when I wanted to start a new children class, so I went searching for new materials and what I was mostly looking for was the quotations put to music and here I found it, and ever since I have been trying to share it with all my friends through facebook. My children class student
asix year old and she has almost learnt every one of the quotations by heart, they are so easy to learn and fun for children, every time I play one of the songs, she gets up and dances and makes actions along with the quotation, and this itself makes the class so interesting for her and more exciting for her to attend every week.  Thank you once again."  -Anisa Kasiri

'Dear Larry,  Your songs are wonderful and add so much to children's classes.  Having the verses set to melodies is very helpful for memorizing for everyone, however, the children especially respond to music.  The melodies are sweet;  easy to learn and to sing.  Truly "a ladder whereby souls may ascend."   Thank you so much for all of your time and efforts to do this!' -Cathy Plasencia

"Dear Larry -This is amazing work! We are going to use the songs for our classes starting this Saturday, I'll add your site to our websiteand
willpublicise it to our children's class coordinators in UK. Well done! Baha'i love," -Anousha Vahdaty

Ruhi Book 3 Memorization Songs (now in English and Spanish)         
Ruhi Book 3 Memorization Songs (now in English and Spanish)  

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