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Overview - The following songs are for the Ruhi Book 5 Junior Youth Lesson Books.  Most of the Lessons include memorization passages.  The songs below are these passages set to music to aid in memorization.  Download them to your smartphone or computer and learn the quotations while enjoying the music.  see how-to  It's FREE!!!  All songs are written by Larry Magee unless otherwise noted.

Contributing Artists - Roxanne Andrighetti, Denzil Aumua, 
Ephrim Aumua, Amir Brandon, Goleta Burriston, Adanna Kenlow, Sheniah Khademi, Hayden Knight, Eric Harper, Star Lacefield, Rosana Lea, Nate Loghmani, Claire McGrail, Thuto TC Mothoagae, Atossa Nikoi, Taraz Nosrat, Naim Pilon, Lua Rohani-Sarvestani, Nura Rohani, Natacha Jalali Santos, Emily Sadegehi, Susan St. John, Danny Stevenson, Sunny Terranova, Azadeh Vahdat, Pierre Weber, Ali Youssefi -- Type crtl-f and type in the singer's name to find their song(s)

Beginning guitar players - For easy chords and a vocal melody click on easy sheet music next to each song (
may be in a different key than the MP3).

Prayer for Youth (Animator memorization prayer song)  by Larry Magee.  Listen to Pierre Weber's version sung by Ali Youssefi.

"Breezes of Confirmation" Lesson Book Songs Download Chords & Lyrics Book  Download all the songs for this book

 Lesson 2 Quotation Song - Let Your Heart Sung by Goleta Burriston of Taiwan.  Bonus Track! -  Youth from Canada's song

Lesson 6 Quotation Song - Ye Were CreatedSung by Goleta Burriston.

Lesson 9 Quotation Song - God Is the Helper.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.  easy sheet music 

Lesson 10 Quotation Song - The Highest Form of Worship Sung by Goleta Burriston.  easy sheet music  

Lessons 13 & 14 Quotation Song - Make
Ye a Mighty Effort Sung by Goleta Burriston.  easy sheet music 

"Walking the Straight Path" Lesson Book Songs  Download all the songs for this book

Lesson 1 Quotation Song - Protect Yourselves.  Sung by Lua Rohani-Sarvestani of England.

Section II Quotation Song - The Same DustWritten and performed by Eric Harper

Section III Quotation Song - 
Say: Nature.
Section IV Quotation Song - Concern Yourselves.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section V Quotation Song Persevere to the End.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section VI Quotation Song - Exert Ye an Effort.  Feat. the  Magee's (Madelyn, Teri, Louis, Desarae,
Dezmond & babyHaden)

Section VII Quotation Song -
 GratitudeCo-written by Goleta & Larry.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section VIII Quotation Song Fix Your Gaze Upon UnityCo-written by Goleta & Larry.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section IX Quotation Song - Let Your Heart 2Sung by Goleta and Larry.   Listen to or Purchase Rosanna Lea's Version  (chords)

Section X Quotation Song - Noble Have I Created Thee.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.  

Section XI Quotation Song - Happy the Soul Sung by Susan St.John.

Section XII Quotation Song - Moderation.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section XIII Quotation Song - Prosperity & Abasement.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section XIV Quotation Song - Ever Wakeful.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section XV Quotation Song - Truthfulness.  Co-written by Goleta & Larry.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section XVI Quotation Song - One Must see.  Co-written by Goleta & Larry.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section XVII Quotation Song - For the Attributes.  Written and sung by Hayden Knight of Italy.

Section XVIII Quotation Song -
 The Shores of the Ocean.   Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section XIX Quotation Song - Worthy of Admiration.  Written and sung by Hayden Knight.

Section XX Quotation Song - So Powerful.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

"Glimmerings of Hope" Lesson Book Songs  Download all the songs for this book

Lesson 1 Quotation Song Make This Youth Radiant.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Lesson 2 Quotation Song - Into Thy Kingdom.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Lesson 3 Quotation Song - Thoughts Which May Change This World.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Lesson 4 Quotation Song - Unite the Hearts.  Written and sung by Emily
Sadegehi,  VIDEO

Lesson 5 Quotation Song - Thou Art My Haven.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Lesson 6 Quotation Song - Create in Me.  Written and sung by Claire McGrail of New Zealand.

Lesson 7 Quotation Song - Grant Us Thy Favor.  Sung by Amir Brandon of Canada.

Lesson 8 Quotation Song - Lovely Children.  Written and sung by 
Niam Pilon of the Netherlands.

Lesson 11 Quotation song - Refresh and Gladden.  Sung by Roxanne Andrighetti of Canada.

"Drawing on the Power of the Word" Lesson Book Songs
  Download all the Songs for this Book

Section Ia Quotation Song - Be Better Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section 1b Quotation Song - Love Thou.  Written and sung by Hayden Knight.

Section IIa Quotation Song 
Happy is the Man.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section IIb Quotation Song - Blessed and Happy.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section iic Quotation Song - Happy Are They.  Sung by Amir Brandon of Canada.

Section IVa Quotation Song -
 The Fruits of One Tree.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section IVb Quotation Song - So Powerful.  Written and sung by Taraz Nosrat.  

Section VIIa Quotation Song - Beautify Your TonguesSung by Nura Rohani of Greece

Section VIII Quotation Song - 
Seek Contentment.  Sung by Goleta Burriston  Rap by Nate Loghmani.

Section X Quotation Song - Every Word.  Written and sung by Hayden Knight.

Section XIIIQuoatation Song - Knowledge Is as Wings.  Sung by Sunny Terranova of Italy.  (Corrected 6/13/14)

Section XV Quotation Song -
 A Garden of God.  Sung by Natacha Jalali Santos of Portugal.

Section XVII Quotation Song -
 Swiftly Appearing Newspapers.  Sung by Azadeh Vahdat of Australia.

"Learning About Excellence" Lesson Book Songs 
 Download all the Songs for this Book

Section 1a Quotation Song - Ye Are the Fruits of One Tree.  Written, sung and guitar by 
Ephrim Aumua of Australia.

Section 1b Quotation Song - 
Living Waters.  Sung by 
Adanna Kenlow.

Section 2 Quotation Song Free Thyself.  Written and sung by Hayden Knight

Section 3a Quotation Song - Be Better.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section 3b Quotation Song - Let Your Thoughts Be Fixed.  Written, sung and piano by Goleta Burriston.

Section 5a Quotation Song - O Son of Dust.  Written, sung and guitar by Atossa Nikoi of Norway.

Section 5b Quotation Song -
 Let Us Cooperate.  Written and sung by Star Lacefield, Fresno, CA.

Section 8a Quotation Song - 
Honor of All.  Written, sung and guitar by Denzil Aumua of Australia.

Section 9a Quotation Song - 
Within - Without Written, sung and guitars by Danny Stevenson of the UK

Section 6b Quotation Song -
 Discover for Yourselves  Sung by 
Adanna Kenlow.

Section IV 1a Quotation Song - Show the Utmost Love.  Sung by 
Sheniah Khademi of Australia.

Section IV 2a Quotation Song -
 Follow.  Written and sung by Goleta Burriston

Section IV 4a Quotation Song - Endeavour.  Sung by Lua Rohani-Sarvestani of England.

Section IV 5a Quotation Song - 
My First Counsel.  Written and sung by Emilia Ahrari of Sweden.

Section IV 6c Quotation Song -
 Let Your Thoughts Dwell.  Written and sung by 
Niam Pilon of the Netherlands.

Section IV 7a Quotation Song - 
No One Should.  Sung by Goleta Burriston.

Section IV 7e Quotation Song - Be.  Written and sung by Thuto TC Mothoagae  of South Africa.

More memorization songs are coming soon...  Check back.


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